1. Local Engineering Support

Technicality can be an issue for even the most talented and experienced people. That is the reason Kenton Component Group has taken this problem seriously, and we provide you with engineering support as one of our essential services. Our highly trained Field Application Engineers and the professional staff keeps in mind that the design process is an easy one for the customer. Our sales and professional presence in North America is a available local support to our Clientel. Our engineers are resourceful and have knowledge about the field, and they are dedicated to helping you with technical information about the problem. They deal with the problem according to the suggested manufacturer-specific design tools.

2. Enhancements & Custom Products

What if you have purchased a product of storage, and you are still not happy with the storage space? Or what if you have purchased an LCD (and you have paid much price for that), and you are not satisfied with the brightness? What if you don’t find a perfect part that can be fit in the design? You don’t have to be frustrated about it because our suppliers can help you in the case. We have experts who can help you with lead forming, tape and reeling, programming, and even marking. We shall help you with any enhancements or customization of a product.

3. Custom Integrations & Kits

Do you find it difficult to find a part that can be easily integrated with the other? Do you find it challenging to assemble a product when you have ordered it already? Again, you don’t have to worry because Kenton Component Group can make suggestions about individual parts and even the part numbers. Our members can also create unique kits and parts numbers for your complete selection. Your problem having a pre-assembled product can also be solved by our experts as we can provide a full pre-assembled product. Our mission is to make integration easy for you.

4. Free Samples

Some people crave for perfection, and they can’t decide until they haven’t seen a product performing. If you are a person who does not want to buy something unless you have seen the sample for it, then you need not worry. Kenton Component Group electronics work with many reputable manufacturers, and we serve you to your satisfaction. Due to our large networking, we can arrange free samples for you in first a short period. Even if is not possible for us to provide a free sample, we can facilitate by arranging a demo of the product or by supplying a small paid piece.

5. Inventory Solutions

Keeping the inventory low can be a problem for some people but not with the customers of Kenton Component Group electronics because customer satisfaction is what means the most to us. We try to provide our customer with the best possible solutions which are already tried and verified. However, customers’ requirements dictate our decision. If you want something low on your inventory, we would suggest solutions that will help you keep your inventory down and organized. Once the customer has given us answers about his requirement, our customers tend to design the whole project around that requirement.

6. Shipping & Logistics

We ship using any method which is convenient for you. We can ship using multiple accounts for different approaches or adding freight to the invoice or even using a customer’s account. If you are located in North America please get in touch with us and someone from our USA team will contact you for any further clarifications.

7. Convenient Online Tools

Kenton Component Group has an online system that you have never used before and one of the most user-friendly online systems for our customers. You can review product specifications, track your order, enter and manage quotations, and whatnot. You can look at our products and make the best-informed decisions about the product. For instance, if you are interested in purchasing and LCD, then you can go to the page and look at an LCD’s size, related specifications, resolutions, manufacturers, and even operating temperature. All the information will help you find the best possible product which is suitable for your requirement.

8. Part Sourcing

Kenton Component Group’s ISO 9001 certified facility provides its customers with some of the difficult to find parts (EOL or long lead time). We don’t encourage this for our customers, but if it ever comes to this that they can’t find a part, we are here at our customers’ sourcing services. Our customers are aware of the fact that they can trust Kenton Component Group Electronics with an utterly original part, and they can also put the piece under strict inspection if they want. We want our customers to enjoy the product without any problems and with spare parts available whenever they want.

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